The Amulet accepts submissions of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and script, whether stage play or screenplay. We are looking to accept work from any student of Oklahoma City University, but also from any member of any ∑T∆ chapter. Word count should not exceed 7500 words, and multiple pieces of submitted material should not exceed four pieces per submission. Submitted work will be reviewed by the board of editors, then, depending on the work, accepted, rejected, or sent back with edits/advice and, upon the enactment of them, accepted upon re-submission. Responses come within a month of submission. If the time exceeds this, feel free to query the editors at

We accept and publish unsolicited submissions during the fall semester. During the spring, we focus primarily on the year-round podcast LitChat which is uploaded on SoundCloud and also linked on the website.


All submissions should be sent to with a title, category, name of author, and the submission attached in the form of a word document. A headshot, if preferred, should be sent with the email if you would like your picture on the online page. If you prefer to be published under a pen name or anonymously, please specify in your email.

Subject line should be written in Surname – Category – Title format. In the case of multiple pieces, the latter should be replaced with the number of pieces being submitted. If you do not know what category your piece would be placed in, simply put “undetermined” in the category section of the subject line.

Fall submissions may also be considered for Oklahoma City University’s yearly print publication The Scarab, so please note whether or not you would grant permission for this in your submissions email.