Jan. 15 Writing Contest

The Editors of THE AMULET are holding the first of many contests to be responded to in writing of any form, poetry, prose, nonfiction, playscript or screenplay. Submissions sent to ocusigmataudelta@gmail.com will be reviewed by the editors and, should they meet our quality of standard, will be published on our website as the winner of […]

All That Apply

a nonfiction piece by Nova Sloan Caucasian. Your mom tells you to check it for testing purposes. You probably look more white than Asian anyway and you take a lot more after your dad’s side of the family. Plus, you don’t really have enough “culture” in you to check Asian. You’re not really sure what […]


a haibun poem by Quinn Weedon I am thankful for empty beer cans and for the bullets we send toward them propelled by gunpowder and dissonance. The bullets cut through aluminum so easily. They leave sharp edges. A bullet would cut through me just as easily, but the edges around the hole would be soft, […]

LITCHAT – A Christmas Carol & Time Travel Narrative

In the spirit of holiday festivity, Chandler and Madelyn take a look into Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and go down the rabbit hole of theoretical physics that is the science of time travel, and what rules define a narrative of multiple realities and trajectories. -Narrated by President Chandler White and Vice President Madelyn Parker