a poem written for SHORTS by John Mark Foster Exploding kittens and warm wool mittens And laughs and snow and fire. Madelyn’s clothes and Avery’s cold nose And hearts that scream desire. Our bodies will shatter on impact, Or melt if we hold on too long But we all like the frost too much to […]

good morning

A poem written by Callie Dewees   the sun used to pull me out of my bed but one day I got too heavy for her so the moon kept me company while I hid from my once dear friend

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A poem written by Callie Dewees [Text sent]             What are you thinking? [Text draft: unsent] That the sky grows heavier and heavier every day. Have you noticed? Last week it was bearable. It’s bearable today but less so. My shoulders, my head, my legs are all being forced down by the weight of the […]

Peace Beneath the City

A short story written by C. S. W. The car was going faster than was normal, even for the busiest street in town. Walter took note – cyan pickup truck, damaged back bumper, fifty-eight miles per hour – and switched on his lights. Mutely, Walter envisioned a sudden surge of speed, the teal bandit racing […]