Prompt from the Editors

The Editors of THE AMULET propose the following prompt to be responded to in writing of any form, poetry, prose, nonfiction, playscript or screenplay. Submissions sent to will be reviewed by the editors and, should they meet our quality of standard, will be published on our website. PROMPT: A series of breakout scandals concerning […]


a one-act play by Catherine Kell ACT I SCENE 1 Lights up. There are three chairs. A wooden B hangs on the wall. Under it reads “Observation Room B” All chairs are upstage. One is center, one is slightly stage left and one is slightly stage right. A table sits center stage. TOMMY JENKINS stands […]


a short story by Jonathan Shankle Nathan sat alone in a brown leather chair at the back corner of his favorite coffee shop. Its doppelganger to his right remained empty, except for the deep coffee stain on its left arm. A warm light formed a prism around him while he gazed at the brick walls […]

LitChat – Blade Runner 2049 & the Posthuman Self

Chandler and Tristen (of Weyland Baptist University) discuss some of the underlying questions of humanity and what it means to be alive in the brand new Blade Runner 2049, the latest installment in the film adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” -Narrated by President Chandler White and Tristen Carter


a one-act by H. Wingspur (A circular motel swimming pool, surrounded by three-stories of motel rooms, their windows peeking in on the scene. High over this background towers a dimly lit sign reading “MOTEL” and beneath it, “VACANCY” alongside an unlit “NO.” At this circular pool, the epicenter of the scene, TIMOTHY, a small child […]

Highly Flammable

a poem by V. A. Clark He’s worse when he’s sober, Has me sipping gasoline With drops from tear-stained cheeks But he calls me pretty— Sure, clung to adjectives But I halt with the former— Let it inch down my throat While blasting the radio. It doesn’t get easier, Has me throwing myself off bridges, […]